New environmentally friendly hydrocarbon chillers

We have some exciting news regarding a new solution that will offer customers long term operational benefits.

Legislation is moving towards a complete phase out of HFC refrigerants by 2022. HFC’s are the most commonly used refrigerants today, so as a business that serves this market, we have been looking for an alternative, long-term solution for our customers.  

Hydrocarbon Chillers are a new solution for the refrigeration and air conditioning market and in time they could be a viable alternative to all chillers provided today, with the ability to cool standard water, water and glycol mixture or a specialist low temperature secondary refrigerant called Hycool.

The primary benefits of Hydrocarbon Chillers offer:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved COP
  • Zero global warming potential
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Not subject to phase out controls or F-Gas
  • Reduced refrigerant charges
  • EC condenser fans
  • Latest HC built-in health & safety package
  • Fully tested and factory certified
  • 2 year warranty
  • Available up to 780kW liquid cooled / 550kW air cooled

As specialists in the refrigeration market, we offer a total solution service including the external chilling equipment, pipework services and air coolers within the room(s).  Our engineers are fully qualified to design, install and maintain this new technology, which could give enormous long term benefits to our customers.

For more information please contact or download our brochure.