SFM Coventry

SFM Coventry

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Adcock has recently carried out a major program of works, with our client Guardtech Cleanrooms Ltd, for the installation of a range of systems at Coventry based SFM Ltd (Specialist Fibre Materials). SFM have a rich history, dating back to 1904 and the renowned British textile manufacturer Courtaulds. Their company offers a range of advanced products in the specialised area of wound care. The product portfolio includes rolls of non-sterile wound dressings, x-ray detectable yarns and reinforced calcium alginate dressings.

SFM are expanding production and as a result are turning a once disused part of the warehouse into a new production area with two Cleanrooms, a sterile changing room, a packing room and a wet Alginate room where specialist bandages are manufactured. 

The brief for the T1 & T2 Cleanrooms was to maintain a temperature between 18-22c with a relative humidity of 35-40%. This was achieved by installing Swegon upflow systems with associated duct work, positive fresh air supply and control dampers, complete with humidification and de-humidification process, while maintaining a sterile environment.

The sterile change and wet Alginate areas have ducted cooling systems, with individual fan filter boxes on each supply outlet with low level return filters and a positive fresh air supply.  The T3 packing area has six Panasonic cassettes to be predominantly used for cooling but can also be used to heat the room as they are all reverse cycle heat pump systems.

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