James Paget University Hospital

James Paget University Hospital

Who are James Paget University Hospital

NHS General Hospital

Scope of the Job

As part of an ongoing drive to save energy and reduce costs in various air conditioned spaces within the hospital, they commissioned the installation of the Attendant control system on 30 new units.

The technology is designed to make sure that air conditioners are not left running in empty rooms so it could give them a significant reduction in energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

The Challenge

Working within this fully operational acute care hospital, Adcock carried out the installation of the Attendant units ensuring that it was done so with minimum disruption to patients and staff.

This work was undertaken in conjunction with the R22 replacement project work. The Attendant unit is able to detect any occupation of the room and then signal the air conditioning unit to start when someone enters the space, or to stop when the room has been unoccupied for a predetermined period. The unit can also provide a set-back temperature, so that the space does not overheat, or cool too much, therefore preventing large pull-down loads or uncomfortable room conditions.

How We Helped

Adcock were able to provide additional technical support and in-depth knowledge to ensure a first time fix and minimal disruption to the clients working operation.

We are able to offer a very quickly installed controller to occupied rooms that will prevent accidental operation outside normal working hours that can also provide setback control, with proven energy and CO2 reductions. The new controls also offer short payback periods that will offer additional benefits to the Trust.

Equipment Installed

Attendant units for both infra-red and wired remote controller operated air conditioning systems of multiple manufacturing styles.