Case Study for RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath

Who are RAF Lakenheath

Our client is a food distribution warehouse for the base which is part of the Facility Support Services (FSS). The FSS squadron supports more than 15,000 customers from four groups, 21 squadrons, 14 tenant units and family members. They provide world-class manpower and personnel, force development, Airman and family services, sustainment and community services support for RAF Lakenheath and RAF Feltwell. Their programs include education services, family support, food service, lodging, child development, laundry, mortuary affairs, honour guard, library, fitness, sports and recreation.

Scope of the Job

Adcock was employed to manage, design, supply, install and commission a new freezer room in their food storage warehouse. We had to ensure that the down time was kept to a minimum to avoid any disruption and work cleanly and efficiently, managing the entire project from start to finish.

Due to the nature of the customer environment, we were only allowed strict escorted access. Our vehicle was searched before entering the base and we were required to obtain a base pass at the start of each working day.


RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk

The Challenge

The installation included galvanised steel with PVC laminate insulated panels, galvanized steel plate finish flooring to allow pallet truck usage. Lockable sliding door with full safety release mechanism, fluorescent lights, person trapped alarm, 2 remote Danfoss condensing units located outside the building, and 2 Energy saving Searle Evaporator Assemblies.

We also installed a bespoke control panel that monitors high and low temperature conditions and a steel ramp to allow access from the floor level to the freezer room.

How We Helped

Adcock are experienced in the management, design and installation of refrigeration systems. We were given a specification and incorporated this into the design and scope of works.

Equipment Installed

We installed 2 Searle KEC70-6L Evaporators, 2 Danfoss Optyma, plus Mk1 LPHC136 NTP00E 3 Phase Condensing Units. Further we installed a bespoke control panel with low and high temperature alarm, personnel trapped alarm, lighting and 400v mains power alterations, including testing.