Vauxhall - Thurlow Nunn

Vauxhall - Thurlow Nunn

Who are Vauxhall - Thurlow Nunn

New Brand Centre for Vauxhall

Scope of the Job

We were contracted by Parkway Construction to install the very latest VRF air conditioning and ventilation system to serve the new state-of-the-art car showroom, offices and the large workshop. The objective was to provide adequate, controlled temperatures to different parts of the building, according to their desired requirements with a highly energy efficient solution.


Tower Gate, Milton Keynes

The Challenge

The 2,400sqm site is made up of 3 main areas; offices, showroom and workshop. To maximise energy efficiency we installed the very latest VRF Heat Recovery system from Mitsubishi Electric. The heat pump serves all of the offices and the showroom. The destrat fans in the showroom ceiling are designed to push warm air down from the high ceilings and fresh air ventilation is supplied to the offices via a Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay system.

For the workshop we installed an Aircraft gas-fired air handling unit which provides heating via ceiling mounted insulated ducts and grilles. The entire system is controlled by a central control system that allows flexible and simultaneous temperature control throughout the building.

Vauxhall - Thurlow Nunn
Vauxhall - Thurlow Nunn

How We Helped

Adcock has worked on multiple projects for Parkway Construction over the last 12 years. Our expertise in new technology installation and design allowed us to provide a
solution that would provide the most efficient, low carbon system to serve the various sizes of space on the site.

Equipment Installed

Adcock installed a Mitsubishi Electric VRF heat recovery system, heat pump and fresh air heat recovery system and an Aircraft gas-fired air handling unit.

We have been working with Adcock for around 12 years and they do the majority of our air-conditioning and ventilation work. They provide us with an excellent service, carefully planning installations of equipment that meets customer requirements in terms of design and energy efficiency. This project was no exception and the end results were finished to the usual high standard.

Tony Harris, Parkway Construction