Great Place to Work

We recognize that our success is a reflection of the success of our PEOPLE.

We believe that by creating a great place to work for our PEOPLE, together we can achieve our goals.

Every year we conduct an employee survey where we ask our employees how they feel about different aspects of working here. We work out an engagement score, which gives us a good idea about how engaged and motivated everybody is. We also take the feedback given and put in action plans so that we can keep improving.

Our first employee survey was in 2019 and we achieved 70% employee engagement, which is a good score. Since then, we have increased our scores every year and in 2023 we achieved 88%.

Our goal is to achieve 90% employee engagement, which is way above the industry standard. We are nearly there!

We pride ourselves on being open and honest and so we share our survey results with employees every year.

The below results were from our April 2023 survey.

Our Goal

90% Employee Engagement Index
  • One team, family values
  • 2 way, transparent communication
  • Personal development
  • Feeling valued
  • Celebrate success, feel proud
  • Great working environment

GPTW Employee Survey 2023 Results: 88%

207 responses – that’s 91.5%

The Adcock company strategy is clear and I can see the contribution I make.
My colleagues are accountable for doing quality work
I feel like I fit in here
I receive enough opportunities to learn and get training to be able to successfully fulfil my current role.
Our relationships and team working is strong across all teams and departments
Management involve me in 2-way, transparent communication.
I receive enough opportunities to learn and get training to be able to successfully fulfil my current role
My manager / supervisor shows they care about me as a person
I am happy with the relationship between myself and my Manager
I receive recognition or praise for doing great work
I have the tools and equipment I need to do a great job
Adcock is a physically safe place to work
Adcock is a mentally safe place to work
I know what is expected of me at work and my performance is considered against outcomes that are clear to me
At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day
I enjoy my work
My opinions count and I am listened to when I have ideas and suggestions