Adcock and Daikin Unite To Add Some Sparkle To Cambridge

Adcock and Daikin Unite To Add Some Sparkle To Cambridge

Friday, October 28, 2016 | Miscellaneous

Adcock and Daikin unite to add some sparkle to Cambridge.

One of Cambridge’s most popular events is the annual Bonfire Night celebration which has been taking place in the town for over 20 years! This FREE EVENT, organised by Cambridge City Council, is taking place on Midsummer Common and will bring people together from all over the town to watch the lighting of the fire and a fantastic display of fireworks, all made possible by the support of local businesses and members of the public who attend the event.

As a local business established in the town in 1964, we are once again delighted to sponsor this much loved event along with one of our partners, Daikin.

We look forward to another evening of family fun and sparkles and we hope everyone has a fantastic time.

If you would like to donate £2 to support Bonfire Night, just Text BANG to 70500 to show your support for this spectacular event!

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