Adcock and Doosan

Adcock and Doosan

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 | Air Conditioning

We are pleased to confirm that we have completed two phases of work for Doosan Industrial Vehicles new flagship site on Northampton’s Brackmills estate.

The works included the installation of comfort cooling to the offices and the replacement of some older systems running on refrigerant R22. R22 has not been available for new air conditioning systems since 2004 and whilst it is still legal to operate R22 system it is now illegal to use R22 to repair or maintain air conditioning systems. We are now upgrading the heating for Doosans impressive marketing suite.

Doosan is the world's leading value forklift brand and was launched in 2005 following the purchase of a 51 percent controlling share in Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery by Korean construction giant, Doosan.

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