Aston 41

Aston 41

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 | Miscellaneous

We are pleased to announce that the Peterborough branch have been awarded another contract with Parkway Construction (MK) Ltd on their Aston 41, Aylesbury site.

Aston 41 is part of a larger development situated on the A41 which will consist of 5 production units/ warehouses for the area totalling up to 240,000 square ft. The site is in its 14th week of construction and the Peterborough branch will be installing Mitsubishi VRF and Lossnay Fresh air heat recovery pumps.

The system has been designed using cassette type fan foils to provide conditioned air to all offices, with local controllers in each area. The fresh air system will provide heat recovered fresh air via a ducted system with supply and return grilles located within the false ceiling. Both systems will be controlled via an AT-50 central controller.

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