Cambridge Solicitors, Ashton Legal

Cambridge Solicitors, Ashton Legal

Thursday, February 23, 2017 | Air Conditioning

We are pleased to confirm the completion of an installation of Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems and AHU ventilation system and associated duct work at Chequers House, Cambridge for solicitors, Ashton Legal. The £250k project began in August 2016 and the project was on behalf of COEL.

The building had no existing air conditioning or ventilation therefore all equipment was new. The installation of the equipment had to be completed over 3 floors. In order to do this, we had to complete one floor at a time, so that the client could move staff from one floor to another. Although on a tight deadline, along with the management of multiple on-site trades, we completed the job on time.

The equipment installed included Mitsubishi Electric VRF Systems, including centralized controller and Swegon Air Handling Unit and associated ductwork.

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