GAP Ice Ltd

GAP Ice Ltd

Thursday, April 1, 2021 | Service

GAP Ice Ltd

To ensure swift and reliable maintenance and repair services, KKT chillers runs a close-knit global service network, and Adcock is KKT Chillers’ only UK service provider for the maintenance and repair of all their equipment.

Thanks to this status Adcock was recently awarded a maintenance contract to look after climate control equipment at GAP Ice Ltd and was called to assist with emergency breakdown soon after.

The customer reported that one of their KKT chillers was found to be faulty. Our engineers quickly identified the failure of one of the main components. As KKT’s UK partner we hold a large number of parts for full range of standard packaged chillers so could provide a really quick turnaround. To be able to replace the faulty compressor our technicians needed to reclaim 30kg of refrigerant. A new compressor was installed and the chiller fully commission within less than 24 hours.

At Adcock we understand how crucial it is to keep the climate control systems fully operational and its jobs like this that prove hard working ethics and capability to go above and beyond of our engineering force.

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