Great Yarmouth Leisure Centre

Great Yarmouth Leisure Centre

Thursday, April 27, 2023 | Air Conditioning

As an experienced air conditioning installer, we were proud to be chosen to install a high-performance Toshiba heat recovery VRF air conditioning system at the new Water and Leisure Centre in Great Yarmouth.

The equipment we installed was specifically selected to meet the client's sustainability requirements and provide indoor comfort for visitors and staff at the centre's pool, gym, sports hall, and café with views over Great Yarmouth beach.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency and optimal indoor climate, we combined the manufacturer's three-pipe SHRM-e and two-pipe SMMS-u VRF systems. This system is designed to provide superior performance while ensuring the comfort of visitors and staff.

The coastal location presented a challenge due to the sea spray, but we ensured longevity by treating the outdoor condensers with an epoxy coating to protect against corrosion. 

The installation consists of 28 Toshiba indoor units, mostly ceiling-suspended cassettes, strategically positioned wall-mounted and ducted units, and a separate dedicated air conditioning system to serve the communications room and communications suites. The cooling system is designed to N+1 ensuring there is always a unit on standby in the unlikely event of failure. 

We provided custom-built touchscreen units for control, which connects to the central building management system, providing facility managers with full visibility and control of operating conditions and the ability to optimize total system performance.

Craig Snowden, our contract manager commented: “Despite the size of the project and potential complexities due to operating in the pandemic, the physical installation on site went smoothly. The design plans were in place and verified, and the installation process itself was relatively straightforward.

Our team is proud to have installed this award-winning SHRM-e system, which has broken new ground in terms of compressor design, controls, and wireless communications, extending the application envelope for VRF into new territory.

If you're looking for an experienced air conditioning installer that can handle complex projects with ease, look no further.
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