How Adcock work with KKT Chillers

How Adcock work with KKT Chillers

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 | Refrigeration

For over 30 years, KKT chillers has been developing and producing energy-efficient chiller solutions for customers’ medical and industrial applications. They have long become a valuable global player in the chiller market, thanks to the sites in Germany, USA and China as well as the global service network. And when you want heating as well, special solutions with the heat pump function are no problem for KKT chillers. The company produces bespoke water chillers for different applications all over the world.

Adcock are KKT chillers’ only UK service provider for the maintenance and repair of all their equipment in both the UK and Ireland. Their flagship products are the vBoxX Chillers and cBoxX Chillers, which are rugged as well as efficient. Adcock holds a large amount of parts for all types of KKT chillers model series across the full range of cBoxX and vBoxX high quality standard packaged chillers.

We have built up a very good working relationship with them and all the Adcock engineers have received specialist training from KKT chillers, who are based in Germany. We look after all their customers’ chillers, attending any breakdowns as quickly as possible. We are very aware that if a chiller goes down whole factories can come to a standstill. Adcock is the only refrigeration company in the UK that offers multiple branches across the country that can accommodate their requirements. KKT chillers also liked the fact that we had our own training academy, as they offer training to their clients and could possibly hold courses at our facilities.

We have monthly conference calls with Roland Kiessling, Service Manager at KKT chillers, to ensure everything is running smoothly. We also attend meetings between KKT chillers and one of their largest customers.

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