How could your premises be affected by climate change?

How could your premises be affected by climate change?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Most of the UK is currently experiencing a heatwave and a couple of weeks ago in July one of the highest UK temperatures ever was recorded. Some scientists predict this is a sure sign of global warming and that long, hot summers will become commonplace in Britain. Whilst this may sound appealing to some, it’s a serious issue for health and also for businesses. The UK is not accustomed to such high temperatures for weeks on end so many buildings are not equipped to maintain a safe, comfortable climate. Occupants can become lethargic, stressed, ill and distracted, which negatively impacts productivity and well-being.

Don’t be left high and dry

You want to avoid complaints that it’s too hot to work, or dealing with sick people - especially children, the elderly, those with compromised health (e.g. respiratory or cardiac conditions) or even animals. Hot weather, even in the UK, can kill. And as you will have no doubt experienced, opening a window or using a fan just isn’t going to combat the heat. You need fresh, clean air that only a quality ventilation or air conditioning system can provide - preferably one which is also energy efficient and sustainable.

If you want to attract customers to your premises – for example if you manage a car showroom, public transport or retail space – they aren’t going to stay long if it’s uncomfortably warm, impacting upon your business. You may even have to close to the public if health risks are high, as was the case for Euro Tunnel when extreme heat disrupted services at one of the busiest times of year. Maintaining temperatures in medical or scientific environments can mean lives are put at risk when that temperature is compromised for any period of time.

Prevention is better than cure

Due to this threat of climate change, air conditioning is set to become more commonplace in the UK.

There are around 2,000 deaths related to warm weather each year but the Environmental Audit Committee claims this will rise by 257% to 7,000 if we don’t make adaptions.

(Metro, July 27 2018)

Despite the initial cost of installing an AC system, maintaining that system is just as important and is an investment rather than an expense. Just like a car, van or even a bike, maintaining the moving parts and components means that potential problems are flagged before they start to impact on daily life. A system may look fine, but can be declining gradually and using up more energy (and money) without proper maintenance.

If your system is not maintained and breaks down during a typically busy period, like a summer heatwave, you will be competing with hundreds of others trying to get an engineer to fix your problem. However, if you are already on an Adcock maintenance plan, not only will your system be better placed to function when the heat is on, you will enjoy a priority service for any breakdowns that do occur (and even more so if you are in a critical sector like blood store cooling or hospital premises).

Maintenance plans pay off

Adcock can devise a suitable maintenance plan for your system, whether we installed it originally or not. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ plan because there are many different requirements - some relating to statutory obligations and some more strategic and pertinent to your business. Refrigerants with specific Global Warming Potential (GWP), for example, have specific legislation regarding frequency of servicing and the safe handling of leaks and disposal. Server rooms may be more business critical to you than the office floor, and therefore your maintenance plan would reflect this. These are the sorts of considerations we take care of for our customers, because maintenance isn’t just a paperwork or tickbox exercise for Adcock. Our engineers are expertly trained to know the different checks for different manufacturers and the warning signs of wear and tear. Not all maintenance providers do this, but with Adcock you have complete peace of mind and can trust us to do the best for you.

We will get to know your system inside out and will be able to offer you discounts and cost effective solutions for long-term maintenance plans, upgrades or system extensions.

Climate change can mean freezing cold winters as well as baking hot summers, both of which can impact buildings and occupants within. We advise you set up a maintenance plan as soon as possible to keep your air conditioning, refrigeration, heating or ventilation in peak condition, whatever the weather.

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