Keep your cool with Adcock’s preventative maintenance

Keep your cool with Adcock’s preventative maintenance

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 | Maintenance

When the weather’s mild and summer seems months away, it’s actually an ideal time to get your cooling system serviced. You never know when a heatwave is about to strike, but you’ll certainly feel it if the air con is struggling and productivity slows right down.

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can provide a full range of maintenance services for both Adcock installed HVAC equipment and any systems that we did not originally install. If you’re responsible for buildings and the occupants/equipment within, then a planned maintenance contract will keep you cool, calm and collected. Our specialist maintenance team is on hand 24 hours a day, all year round, and we can provide you with access to one of the largest best-trained teams of engineers in the UK with quick response times.

'Saving' money by dismissing a maintenance contract is only going to be costly in the long-run. A small problem can easily escalate into an emergency if it isn’t picked up early enough, and in a heatwave we have seen calls to our service team quadruple. With a preventative maintenance contract however, you would have a much lower risk of a mechanical failure plus privileged access to our swift-response 24-hour call-out service, should you need it.

There’s more to maintenance than saving money! Have you considered…

Legal obligations

Entering into a preventative maintenance contract with us ensures that you, as end-user, meet all your legal obligations under EC Regulation No 842/2006 regarding fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases). We are Refcom registered and all our UK-wide engineers have undertaken the mandatory F-Gas and ODS Regulations training.

F-Gas legislation means it’s a legal requirement to have a qualified engineer check equipment for leaks and have clearly identified, labelled equipment and records. If you’re not sure that you’re doing this properly, get in touch ( so we can advise.


Like a car, mechanical parts require regular checks to run optimally and efficiently. With preventative maintenance, an engineer will look at and test all components, lubricants, filters, belts and electrical parts for signs of deterioration and wear.

Ordering replacement parts in good time means no down time. Neglecting maintenance and discovering that a new part is critically required is risky business and can be costly.

Priority treatment

As a maintenance customer, you are prioritised for breakdowns (even if we didn’t install your equipment). On top of that, our team of engineers will get to know your system inside out and will be able to offer you discounts and cost effective solutions for long-term maintenance plans, upgrades or system extensions.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that maintenance is scheduled, breakdowns are mitigated and your system’s records are impeccable and accessible. Don’t rely on warranties alone, as many warranties are only valid if regular maintenance has been carried out.

Our courteous engineers are reliable, tidy and trained to deliver the highest standards of customer care… we know this because we receive great feedback and repeat business! You’ll always be able to identify our engineers in smart Adcock uniforms – we don’t outsource maintenance – and they will take the time to explain any system queries without using technical jargon. We work on many confidential, high security jobs so you can rely on us for discretion too.


Optimal running systems along with clean ducts and filters will ensure that circulated air is clean, which in turn will improve the environment and health of building occupants. Clean, fresh indoor air has a commercial value in terms of reduction of lethargy and germs, and increased productivity and well-being. Poorly maintained systems can be the cause of many health complaints including asthma, allergies, colds and ‘sick building syndrome’ which can cost companies thousands of pounds each year.

…. And safety

You can never be too cautious when managing machinery, chemicals and electricity especially in close proximity to people. A sub-optimum system will always run the risk of developing a fault which can be as serious as a fire or gas leak. Don’t forget the temperature standards required by the nature of the premises either – food or medical supplies can become health hazards if not properly cooled, for example. A regular maintenance plan will ensure that people and buildings remain safe and that you remain within the law and any service agreements you have.

Enquire or book now – callout frequency is already increasing

In our professional opinion, first class maintenance is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. With temperatures already rising, so are callouts. Avoid the queue and book your next service or preventative maintenance now.

Call 01223 550 220 and we’ll put you in touch with your regional Adcock office, or contact us directly

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