Kew House School

Kew House School

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 | Air Conditioning

The Gardener Schools Group comprises of four London based schools.

The school’s existing 4 pipe fan coil system along with associated water chiller and boilers were old and due to vandalism of the water chiller, it hastened the need for replacement.

Adcock proposed to replace inefficient old equipment with a new heat recovery Mitsubishi Electric VRF system. Throughout the year, many buildings require cooling in some areas and heating in others – even in adjacent rooms. The Mitsubishi Electric R2 system meets these requirements by distributing surplus heat from cooling operations (and vice versa) to rooms where it is needed. This efficiency can result in energy savings up to 30% over conventional systems.

We worked closely with the Consulting Engineer to develop a scheme that could be installed in phases whilst maintaining full operation of the school during term time.  During the construction phases, we worked in partnership with the schools Facilities Director to ensure works were completed as required to allow the school to open normally at the start of each new term.

Andrew Richie, Director of Estates and Services, commented that he would be very happy to provide assurance to Adcock’s future clients about the fine quality of our work.

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Partner we offered an extended 7-year warranty as standard.

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