Link 9, Bicester

Link 9, Bicester

Friday, August 3, 2018 | Energy Saving

Adcock have secured another total installation project and are currently working with Parkway Construction MK Ltd for the Link 9, Bicester site developed by Albion Development Ltd.

Link 9, Bicester is a major new distribution, production and headquarters development. Adcock are currently working on phase one of unit 3. Unit 3 will comprise of a single industrial unit totalling 82000 square ft. This unit will be sub-divided into 2 units.

Adcock have installed Mitsubishi VRF heat recovery systems to provide a stable and comfortable working environment. Adcock have designed a control panel to be installed, which will activate all units independently when the temperature gets above 23°C in any part of the warehouse.

Adcock have worked with Parkway Construction for a number of years on similar design and build projects and have years of experience in warehouse ventilation.

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