Morgan Cass (Civils) Ltd

Morgan Cass (Civils) Ltd

Thursday, April 25, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Adcock has worked on multiple projects with Morgan Cass over the last few years and this successful partnership has led to another installation contract for Pembrooke House in Pitsea, Essex. The existing office space is being stripped out and completely refurbished. We were asked to provide the comfort cooling solution which would provide the highest levels of comfort, freshness and energy efficiency across all three floors. 


The requirement for simultaneous heating and cooling operation all year round is increasing with the increase of electronic office equipment and diversification in use of space. Adcock recommended a system which can supply this demand with heat recovery technology, Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF. The revolutionary design of this equipment removes the need for expensive and on-going leak detection servicing and is specifically designed for occupied spaces where quiet, energy efficient, simultaneous heating and cooling is valued.  

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