South East Water Plc

South East Water Plc

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Adcock was recommended to South East Water and asked to provide the most effective solution for issues they were experiencing with their VRF equipment.

We quickly identified the cause of the problems and proposed to only replace the condensing units instead of providing a brand-new system. As a Panasonic Pro Partner we have an in-depth knowledge of the equipment and of the most cost effective way of carrying out repairs of this type.

South East Water Plc was very impressed with our approach to re-use most of the existing system and have since asked us to carry out various other services at an another of their sites.

Sue Sampson-Green, Facility Manager, said:  "Thank you in advance for your on-going help and support that has made life much better for all staff working in the building"

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