Sustainability: High On Adcock’s Agenda

Sustainability: High On Adcock’s Agenda

Friday, October 26, 2018 | Miscellaneous

At Adcock we strive to provide cooling and heating solutions that are sustainable with minimal environmental impact. Not only that, we are forward-thinking with the way we run our own business on a day-to-day basis to reduce our carbon footprint. Our SHEQ Manager ensures Adcock meets stringent environmental and quality levels too: 

“Adcock is joining the drive force to promote sustainable growth and address global warming, along with other environmental challenges associated with our societal desires and demands. This includes combatting the overuse of precious fossil fuels. We endeavour to learn how to use our resources more wisely, ‘kick the addiction’ and turn to alternative energy sources with fewer associated environmental impacts.”

Bob Wright, SHEQ Manager, Adcock

With 12 regional offices, we have many buildings to manage sustainably and many people to keep comfortably warm (or cool!) To this end, we have installed solar panels on many of our premises to produce our own heating and to reduce our energy consumption. Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source and produces no pollution or greenhouse gases. Despite the British weather, the photovoltaic panels work throughout the year as they require daylight from the sun, not heat. Just like the solutions we recommend to customers, we also use state-of-the-art technology with our own environmental control plant (within all our premises) and ground source air heat pumps. Powered by renewable energy extracted from the air outside to efficiently warm a building, these air source heat pumps are better for the environment and can provide 4-5kW for every 1kW of energy bought. 

Knowing our impact on the environment 

We gather information on fuel and energy usage throughout the business, which allows Adcock to consider all opportunities with regard to minimising our operational impact on the environment. For example, with so many engineers out on the road, we track, monitor and review vehicle usage to calculate fuel demands and emissions. All vehicles are currently satellite tracked and monitored for driving behaviour to provide data trends that help us understand - and consequently minimise - our impact. 
We practise what we preach, too! As well as maintaining customers’ air conditioning systems, we maintain our own fleet of modern vans and cars in line with manufacturers’ guidelines to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. 

Simple changes

Besides the obvious environmental adaptations, there are other small changes businesses can make to be more sustainable. We limit unnecessary travel, for example, by conducting meetings via Skype (or equivalent apps) where possible, and storage of data is made securely on cloud-based software systems – driving down the need to for hard copy alternatives and superfluous use of paper. We have invested in Inkwrx to eliminate unnecessary paperwork for site visits, enabling us to email copies of digital documents and photos immediately to clients and branches. It’s revolutionised the way we do business, benefitting engineers, customers and the environment alike.

Official recognition

Adcock is certified with ISO 14001 to UKAS standards for installation, service and maintenance of refrigeration and environmental control equipment. ISO 14001:2015 is for organisations operating in any industry. It sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and maps out a framework that a company or organisation can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. 

Our ISO 14001:2015 certification assures management, employees and external stakeholders that environmental aspects and impact are being measured and improved. We are also accredited to RECOM elite and many other externally audited certification and accreditation bodies where environmental considerations are made.

Internal training

Continuing professional development is undertaken by all engineers to keep their knowledge fresh – there’s always something new to learn in the world of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, considering emerging technologies and environmental initiatives. Regular and detailed training is carried out at our own training centre in Kings Lynn, providing staff with the underpinning and critical knowledge required to work competently. All staff are educated on current regulations and compliance related methods around our operational remit. 

When choosing business partners, we undertake due diligence that extends to ensuring they meet our sustainability standards. Our supply chains both up and downstream are encouraged to act responsibly and demonstrate their commitment to the sustainable development of the environment in all areas. 

We are pleased that many customers share our mission to reduce their carbon footprint and we are keen to provide heating and cooling solutions that are energy efficient, clean and green whilst performing to the highest standards. 

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