Engineer Career: Part 1

Engineer Career: Part 1

Thursday, November 1, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Working for Adcock as an engineer is a hands-on, rewarding, technical role requiring a high level of responsibility and customer care. For a snapshot of engineer life, we’ve written an ‘Engineer Career’ series based on insight, tips and feedback from our own engineers.

In part one, find out about various career paths and progression, from those that are out there everyday doing the job successfully.

"I believe a career in most types of engineering is something to be proud of. It can be a great life."
Lee, Service Manager

Engineer is an umbrella term and typical job titles in the cooling/refrigeration industry include Service Manager, Install Mate, Service Engineer and Installation Engineer. Using science and maths to solve technical problems, all roles require good interpersonal skills, teamwork, patience, creativity, diligence and resilience.

With thanks to Adcock team members Ben Moulson, Will Royal, Shaun Taylor, Richard Todd, Gavin Coakley and Lee Munday for their candid insight.

Is there a set career path to becoming an engineer?

It’s fair to say that there are several paths that can lead to an engineering career in cooling/refrigeration and not everyone makes that career choice early on in life. If you’re still in education then work experience, apprenticeship and college courses provide excellent opportunities to understand the world of air conditioning, gain experience, qualifications and start networking.

Speaking to some of our engineers, Lee was offered a refrigeration apprentice by his first employer, to start straight after he finished his final school exams and Shaun completed a module on air conditioning at college which sparked his initial interest in the industry. Will opted for a complete career change for a more hands-on role as an engineer and Ben studied music technology before getting into engineering. Gavin left an unfulfilling retail job to become an installation mate, eventually arriving at Adcock 12 years ago as a Service Engineer, demonstrating commitment, gaining promotion and achieving qualifications which Adcock supported him with. It’s never too late to find out your engineering options by asking a career advisor, job centre or by contacting a company you wish to work for. It’s usually essential to have a driving licence… and a sense of humour!

“My advice to anybody who is thinking of entering the world of air conditioning and refrigeration is to find a great company like Adcock. Always work hard and listen to the people around you so that you can gain the knowledge that is going to help you progress your career. Be patient and wait for the golden opportunities!”
Gavin, Service Manager

So career progression is possible?

Yes! Once you join Adcock as an engineer, trainee engineer or apprentice, there are so many opportunities to progress and learn. These are exciting times because technology is evolving into unexplored territory, like the Internet of Things and ‘smart’ air conditioning. Our engineers’ advice is to not stand still – watch, listen, ask questions and snap up opportunities to work with as many types of equipment and new technology as possible. Learn from mistakes. Grasp training opportunities - not only technical qualifications but also health and safety and leadership courses to build knowledge and enhance your employability and management skills.

One thing is clear, our engineers love solving problems for clients, which comes down to having the right knowledge, experience and passion for success. So not only is career progression possible, but job satisfaction is too!

“I find my job motivating and rewarding through building customer relationships and being able to leave site knowing I have a fixed a problem for the customer.”
Shaun, Trainee Service Engineer

“Completing my Level 2 & 3 City & Guilds qualifications gave me the fundamental knowledge that I call upon on a daily basis to help me in my role.”
Gavin, Service Manager

Adcock is proud to have the UK’s best engineers thanks to our continual investment in training and qualifications and our strong relationships with world-class manufacturers. All staff, not just engineers, are offered relevant training and CPD for career progression.

Do engineers work alone or as part of a team?

It can be both, but our engineers are never isolated because we nurture a team spirit throughout the company. Depending on the job and your experience you may be working on your own at times, in pairs or bigger groups, but you’re always part of a team with someone to talk to – whether that’s your regional branch or the wider UK Adcock team (and not just the engineers!) Travelling to different jobs means you meet various clients and get to grips with different buildings, industries and systems but you’re always in touch with the office team to liaise about projects and what’s coming up next. There’s a real sense of collaboration to complete a job well and go the extra mile for customers.

"I work with a great team in the office and engineers out on the road, I wouldn’t swap them for anything."
Lee, Service Manager

Adcock has many job opportunities around the UK. Perks include generous holiday, competitive salary and overtime. Find out about our current roles here.

In the second part of our Engineer Career blog series, discover a typical “day in the life of” our Adcock engineers and the most rewarding jobs they have worked on.

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