Engineer Career: Part 2

Engineer Career: Part 2

Friday, December 14, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Working for Adcock as an engineer is a hands-on, rewarding, technical role requiring a high level of responsibility and customer care. For a snapshot of engineer life, we’ve written an ‘Engineer Career’ series based on insight, tips and feedback from our own engineers.

In part one, we explored the route to becoming an engineer. In part two, discover a day in the life of an Adcock engineer.

With thanks to Adcock team members Ben Moulson, Will Royal, Shaun Taylor, Richard Todd, Gavin Coakley and Lee Munday for their candid insight.

Compared to a typical 9-5 office job, how does HVAC engineering differ?

For a start, it’s not a sedentary way of working as you’re always on the move! Paperwork and admin are part of the role but getting out and about to meet customers (any day of the week, depending on your shift) and getting your hands dirty is the main activity. This makes it a varied and stimulating job, as you are problem solving and working strategically to get results for different businesses. Days are very varied. Sometimes you might encounter systems or parts that you haven’t worked with before, but you’ll always be shown how to safely deal with them, or be able to observe a more experienced engineer.

“Meeting new people, keeping customers happy and seeing end results is
Will, Install Mate

Is engineering mostly about fixing technical problems?

Fixing issues is part of the job, but it encompasses a challenging mix of designing, installing, troubleshooting, replacing, servicing, undertaking site surveys or risk assessments, quoting and building relationships. Essentially, your role is to find the right solution for the customer, taking into account things like sustainability, practicality, health and safety and cost efficiency.

We had maintained the old R22 refrigeration pack for years and it was pleasing to see the old system replaced with a new energy efficient pack.”

Ben, Service Manager

A typical day is difficult to describe as no two days are the same but you enjoy the continuity of working on jobs you have already started, and the spontaneity of responding to call outs that come in on the day. In part one of our blog, we touched upon the mix of working alone and within a team. Depending on the job and your experience you may be working on your own at times, in pairs or bigger groups, or even solving problems over the phone, as Service Manager Lee points out. Then of course there are the customers you meet - some familiar, some new – so it’s not a lonely job.

“When I first arrived at Adcock I was a service mate. Given training and opportunities, I have been able to progress and I am now out and about on my own, diagnosing and fixing faults on daily basis. Going forward I know there could be possibilities to work within a different section of the company.”

Shaun, Trainee Service Engineer

Whats motivating about HVAC engineering?

Using your knowledge and expertise to solve issues for customers, keeping their systems safe and efficient. Knowing that you have that ability is motivating and gives a real sense of pride. Adcock offers the best training in the UK and partners with leading manufacturers so you will be qualified to work on world-class systems from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba and Fujitsu and be able to offer customers the best advice.

“The job includes many perks from personal reward through to salaries and overtime and being a team member. Also we are provided with the necessary tools and training to provide high quality work.”

Shaun, Trainee Service Engineer

As you progress, you may take on decision-making, team leadership and management. Providing a great service for customers means repeat business and building great relationships, which drives job satisfaction.

Our goal is to look after our clients equipment to a high standard, resolve any issues that they may have and give great customer service on all levels. So when we work together as a team and achieve our desired goal it gives me added motivation to keep on improving.

Gavin, Service Manager

Whats the most rewarding job youve worked on?

Adcock engineering can take you places, literally. HVAC systems are found in many interesting and prestigious buildings, some requiring clearance or very quick turnarounds because of time-critical operations. Just some of the ones mentioned by our engineers include The Tower of London, Silverstone Race Circuit and Kings College Cambridge.

The best project that Ive ever worked on was a large installation project carried out in an office block just off Fleet Street. We had the task of installing 33 VRV Air Conditioning Systems over 11 levels.

Gavin, Service Manager

For Install Mate Will, one of his stand-out jobs was working at RAF Marham where new F35 jet planes were kept. Installation Engineer Richard enjoyed working at The Bank of England as one of a few personnel to have clearance and responsibility to size up, design, and run the program of works as well as installing two VRF systems. For trainee engineer Shaun, his favourite project so far is a job carried out at the University of Norwich, which involved replacing two existing coldrooms from the Uni shop:

“I enjoyed this project as it was something I was involved in from start to finish, working alongside fellow engineers and liaising with other contractors in order to get the job finished.”

Do engineers at all levels get to work with new technology?

”I do, yes, and I love it…”
Richard, Installation Engineer

With new technology emerging all the time, there is always something to learn such as Smart controls and renewable technology. Digital service reporting and the use of tablets and mobiles to share data and to communicate with colleagues and customers make the day more productive. It’s certainly an exciting time to start or switch to a career in engineering!

Adcock has many job opportunities around the UK. Perks include generous holiday, competitive salary and overtime. Find out about our current roles here.

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